Off to Israel on Birthright!

I left New York City today after spending the night with Ana, my sister in Brooklyn. I met with my Birthright group at JFK and after a brief wait, orientation meeting, and some introductions we hopped on an Austrian Airlines flight to Austria. The flight was uneventful and the kosher meals were actually OK. I had some fairly good conversations with the people around me. One of them was actually on my Birthright trip and from Anchorage. If that didn’t take the cake, he’s also an outdoors buff/guide who works in IT so we had a lot of similar experiences to talk about.

I’m posting this from the layover in Vienna. The airport here is gorgeous and
ultra-modern and customs was quick and the officers courteous. The weather here is poor so there’s not much to see outside, in fact the fog was so low and dense that we didn’t see the runway untill we landed on it.

Anyway, we’re getting ready to board the flight to Tel Aviv and I’m ready to catch up on some sleep but I’m happy and looking forward to the next three weeks!


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