Day 10 March 1 – Sasafrass Gap Shelter – 35.33097, -83.66683 –

7 miles today. Talk about a soppingly good day, no literaly. Alleycat got it into her head to make it to Sasafras Gap today, a 3000 foot climb, despite the fact that it was really raining outside. Since Salamander and Juniper were out of commision and Otto, Backyard Boogie, and Hawk were all being smart and taking a zero day I went along with her. We made pretty good time and made it to Sasafrass by 2:30. We were both sopping wet and freezing. She seriously looked like a drowned rat and she was shivering like crazy. We changed into dry clothes and hopped into our sleeping bags.
After two Ramen Noodles, half a loaf of cinnamon raisen bread, and some snack bars we slept, only to wake up to hang bear bags at 7. It was nice hearing the rain falling on the roof and not us.

Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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