Day 13 March 4 – Spence Field Shelter – 35.56189, -83.73272 –

17 miles today. Alleycat and I left the Fontana “Hilton” Shelter about a half hour apart, she at 8:30 and me about 9, after a wonderfull breakfast of scrambled eggs sandwich style. A guy named Tim and his wife Hikernut showed up last night followed by Crumbsnatcher and his girlfriend Bipolar Stroller then El-Train, who Tim had slack packed from the NOC. Anyway, Tim and Hikernut made breakfast for us and it was great.
It started snowing on us as we ascended to the 4000ish foot level of the Smokey Mountains, a 3500 foot climb. It was a very light snow with no real wind and it stopped after a couple hours and everything cleared up for a very sunny, if cold, clear day. We were passed by a group of four guys from the Indiana-Wesleyan College out for spring break. We caught up with them at Mollies Ridge where we also ran into Walrus, also from Montana, and Sticker, on his 4th thru-hike. On we pushed another 7 miles to Spence Field only to find three ladies, also from Indiana-Wesleyan, building a fire and a little unprepared for the cold.

We’ve stayed up late talking and it’s getting really late so that’s all for today.

Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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