Day 16 March 7 – Peck’s Corner Shelter – 35.65084, -83.30848 –

10ish miles today. We decided to get a late start from Gatlinsburg today. We ate breakfast, packed up, and waited until 10 for the hotel lobby to open so I could use the computer to post pictures. Unfortunately the computer has to old of a version of software to support my gallery so all I could do was send the photos to my web host. Hopefully the Davenport Gap hostel has internet and the right software so I can get the gallery online.
After I finished with the computer we checked out and headed down towards the road back to the park. We stopped at the local outfitter so Alleycat and Hawk could indulge in their sticker collecting. I found a cloth multi game board that goes around a therma-rest with chess/checkers, backgamon, and jamala board prints and little tokens that go with it. It’s realy cool, and cheap. I bought it and we’re gonna play tonight. We got our picture taken to be put up indside and hitched back to Newfound Gap. Some college kids from TN in trucks gave us a ride, one of whom had just finnished a SOBO thru-hike in November.

We hit the trail and have booked it in to Peck’s Corner. Hawk and Alleycat are enjoying the steaks from her grandad, which were unfortunately wrapped in bacon so Hawk has mine as well. It’s back to top ramen for me, darn it. The shelter is pretty full with both old and new faces, so a good night is ahead.

Until tomorow,

Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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