Day 17 March 8 – Davenport Gap Shelter – 35.76938, -83.12312 –

20.5 miles today. After an early start from Pecks I was greated by a PHENOMINAL day. It was completely sunny and warmed up to at least 65 by 2pm with a very light breaze here and there. I made slow time for the first few hours, playing leapfrog with Alleycat, Hawk, and the Army guys from a couple days ago. We ran into Mo Lassus who we’ve been trying to catch and he’s pretty cool. We had lunch with him at about noon. After lunch I jetted it and got to the shelter at 5.
I have since made dinner, unpacked checked maps, and am now journaling and Alleycat and Hawk still haven’t shown up, it’s 6:10. I figure I’ll give them a half hour before I head back up the trail to look for them. Hawk owes me a game of Backgammon and Chess. Alleycat is getting picked up tomorow by her aunt from Ashville for a couple days of rest and to get her brother for 10 days on the trail. I’ll miss having her around, she has been a very interesting character. I probably won’t see her until Trail Days in May, ah well.

Other than having a spectacular day, I don’t have much to say. I may add on later but for now that’s all.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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