Day 18 March 9 – Sunnybank Hostel, Hot Springs NC – 35.89134, -82.83002 –

32ish miles today, it sure feels like more. Whoa what a day. Last night Mo Lassus caught up with me at Davenport Shelter and told me Alleycat and Hawk were staying up at the fire tower and he was gonna head in to the Standing Bear Hostel. I decided to join him and so I packed back up and we were at the hostel at 8:30. It was SO NICE and the guy was great. We decided to slack pack all the way to Hot Springs since he was coming this way anyway and dropping our packs was way easy.
So after a two bagel breakfast we hit the trail at 8. It wasn’t long before I was a ways ahead of Mo and after I stopped and he caught up we decided that I’d just take off and wait at the Hostel until 10pm and then come looking for him. The day was perfect again, quite warm and a very lite breeze. I tuned out to my music and cruised, but the scenery was excelent.

I swear my feet grew wings today, or Hermes was behind me pushing me. I charged up the major uphills and ran on the ridges and downhills, it felt great. Ungy would be proud, I beat my X-Country time twice today, doing 4.6 miles in 26 minutes. I made it to Hot Springs at 6:30 and hit the diner immediately, eating a 2/3 pound burger and 4 chicken strips plus a huge amount of fries in about 20 minutes. It was exactly what I needed having only eaten two king size Snickers, a Babe Ruth, 100 Grand, and a Crunch bar all day.

I walked into Sunnybank in the middle of their dinner, but took the time to move my stuff, which the guy from Standing Bear had dropped off, into my room and then joined them for the most wonderful cherry cobler a la mode I think I’ll ever have. They cook everything on an old fasioned stove and it’s all vegetarian and mostly organic, it’s PHENOMINAL, and inexpensive. I’m joining them for breakfast tomorow which sounds like it’ll be amazing.

Mo Lassus still hasn’t shown up and I’m getting a little worried. His knee was bothering him some and I don’t think he should have attempted the 32 miles in the shape he’s in. I hope he’s ok. Walrus, Sticker, and another pair of hikers are out in his area so he should be OK if he decides to stay in a shelter with them. I’m pretty sure he has an emergency blanket with him. I’m so tuckered out, and stuffed, that I’m about to fall asleep in this chair so I’m calling it a night. I know I’m takin a zero day here tomorow, so that will be nice.

More tomorow,

Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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