Day 32 April 2 – Knot Maul Shelter -37.00073, -81.140437 –

24 miles today. We got a good 7 o’clock start from Hurricane Shelter today. It didn’t pay off though. We hit the Atkins interstate crossing and “resupply” at 11:30, not our intended 10:00. The truck stop there had only basic stuff and it was hard to find enough for three more days. I ended up getting a bunch of Little Debbie’s pies, brownies, and some individual cereal things.
We got out of ther at about 1:00 and had a long hot hike to the shelter 3 miles out, passing a group of Montesorrie high school kids on the way. This guy at the shelter said that they had hiked 60 miles as part of a class and were writing papers on the trip, the first for some. We stayed at that shelter until almost 3 before heading on. We got to a point 2.1 miles before the shelter with a 500ish foot climb and my dogs were barking (a.k.a. feet were really sore). We made it into the shelter right as true darkness fell and now I’m so tired I can hardly write this entry.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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