Day 27 March 28 – Mt. Rogers Hostel, Damascus VA – 36.63532, -81.78889 –

41.3 miles today. A VERY long day. The day started great, a huge breakfast and an 8:00 start. The terrain was pretty easy. There was a somewhat strenuous 1000 foot climb to the “Tennessee Turnpike” plateau. Then it all “flattened” out. The trail did small 50ish foot ups and downs with a couple of 500 foot climbs to small plateaus, but not a very bad hiking trail. It was wierd, I was hiking along and felt kind of out of energy all day, despite eating like a starving tiger.
The crud hit the fan when a huge thunderstorm broke over the trail. I was luckily on the last 15 downhill miles into Damascus, so I just sucked it up, put on my rain gear and headed in.

I’m at the Mt. Rogers hostel now. Juniper and Salamander are here with Mo Lassus. We ate at Dot’s a little while ago. It was ok. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to sending my winter gear home and lightening my food bag. I’m also getting a lighter, smaller pack. I’m trying to get my total packweight (without water) to 20 pounds. We’ll see how well that works.

I’m totaly tuckered out so I’m going to bed.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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