Day 28 March 29 – Damascus VA – ZERO DAY –

0 miles today. After a late morning of getting up I visited the outfitter’s to pay for my two nights at the hostel and to get a NEW PACK. I ended up buying a 1 pound 5 ounce ULA pack and a headband with crystals in it that absorb water to keep you cool. I love it. I am sending my heavyweight fleece and lightweight shell home as well as some other small stuff. I’m also cutting down to 3 days maximum of food. So overall my packweight is now down to 22 pounds with food and fuel, but not water. It makes a HUGE difference.
After getting my new pack, FedEx and I headed to Dairy King for lunch where Mo Lassus was already eating. Cough Drop found us there having just driven into town and offered to drive us all to Abingdon to see a movie. We all agreed to go and so I had 3ish hours to kill. I decided to go to the library to catch up on email and my website. I recieved an email from Dartmouth with a link to my admissions decision letter, I was rejected. BUMMER.

Anyway, we went to the movies and got back late. We all decided to do a 24 mile slack pack the next day so I’m hitting the sack. We have to get up at 5:30 to be on the road by 6.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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