Day 29 March 30 – Damascus, VA –

24 miles today. After a VERY early start today we hit the trail on our slack pack. It was really quite nice. I ended up doing a trail run the during the last 15 miles, about a mile of running and half a mile walk repetatively.
I got back into town about 2 and checked back into the hostel with the outfitter and asked them the best way to ship my pack and stuff home. The guy there is sending them for me via UPS for free.

FedEx and I are getting out of here tomorrow and are doing 2 day reupplies with no town stays so we’ll be in Pearisburg in 7 days.
Hopefully I be in Waynesboro on the 17 or 18th, the 15th is the earliest I can see at this point.

I have posted new photos to the website, so check those out. Other than that I have nothing else to report.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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