Day 3 Feb 22 – Low Gap Shelter – 34.77630, -83.82433 –

21.3 miles total today. I left Neels Gap at about 1:30. I saw no one else on the trail today, that stinks.
Anywho, now for the day’s notes. I got up and on the trail at about 7am. It was easier going than I thought it would be, probably because I was well rested. So Blood mountain wasn’t to bad a climb up. Going down it was hard for about the first .75 miles. The whole top of this mountain is like a solid piece of rock, it sucks to hike down. Anyway, I got to Neel’s Gap at 11:30 and resupplied, it’s 6 days until my next town stop. I picked up some tortillas and a jar of peanut butter. Heavy they are, yes, but oh so delicious, easy, and full of carbs and fatty calories.

After I left Neel’s Gap, I took a quick pace towards Low Gap. The sky was clear and it was sunny, but the wind came up, which kind of stunk. I made it to the Whitley Gap Shelter turnoff (6.6 miles) at 3:30 and stopped to snack and take some Arnica, my feet are getting REALLY sore. I could barely walk around the shelter tonight they were so sore and my legs were stiff. I streached for 5 minutes and it HURT, but with that and some extra Arnica I feel a lot better.

It looks like I will catch Alleycat and Juniper tommorow. They stayed here last night and seem to be taking it a bit slow (they’re sore too acording to the trail register). Not to mention that the farthest they seem to want to go is about 15 miles so they shouldn’t have gone past Blue or Tray Mountain. I hope they stopped at Blue or it will be two days before I catch them. We’ll see what happens though.

Until tommorow,

Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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