Day 30 March 31 – Hurricane Shelter – 36.71540, -81.50947 –

20ish miles today. THANK GOD for my new pack. It has been a godsend. I feel like there’s nothing on my back so I was CRUISING today. I feel so much more energized and my back and shoulders don’t hurt, not to mention it looks cool. I’m going into Troutdale with FedEx tomorrow to pick up some more Little Debbie’s caramel bars and snacks while he goes to church. Then we’re heading to the next shelter or so out of there. I may push on to the shelter at Mt. Rogers HQ because Juniper and Salamander are ordering pizza to the shelter, the only place on the trail where you can do that. I’m just feeling great, and there are almost no hostels until Harper’s Ferry so I don’t have to worry about spending a lot in town for a while, not to mention I’m lookin forward to meeting friends and family as I get nearer to Waynesboro.
I’ve got to go to bed. I’m about to fall asleep on my pocketmail. Good night.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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