Day 31 April 1 – Partnership Shelter – 36.81133, -81.42122 –

20 miles today. FedEx and I got a semi-early start today and hauled into Dicky Gap so he could get into Troutdale for Sunday services. After spending a few hours in town we got back to the trail by a ride from the pastor. We made good time into Partnership with a one hour rest for “lunch”.
Now we’re all set up and awaiting our dinner to be delivered. Pizza never sounded so good. I’m bushed and will be hitting the sack upon the conclusion of our meal. Tomorrow we’re gonna pass through Atkins on the trail and pick up snacks for the next couple days into Pearisburg. We’ll be staying there and resupplying for our next big push to the Daleville area, then on to the Tye River, where I hope to meet a very supportive and special grandmother, and Waynesboro, where I hope to meet my Uncle Ron. After that I’ve no idea what is going to happen.

Oh, the food just got here, gotta go.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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