Day 35 April 5 – Holy Family Church Hostel – 37.33309, -80.71505 –

10ish miles today. It was absolutely FREEZING this morning with snow and everything. I made it into town ok and to the Hostel. A hot shower felt GREAT. I checked the P.O. for my mail drop and then picked up some supplies to get me to Daleville. I also did laundry, THANK GOD. I must have smelled worse than a dog just sprayed by a skunk and that then rolled in a septic tank. I mean, I could smell myself, and for a thru-hiker that’s really bad. Anyway, with fresh clothes, full supplies, and a full belly, I’m back at the hostel with a fire roaring in the wood stove and a hot cup of tea. I’m gonna get out of town at a decent hour for once, even though it’ll probably be freezing again. If it’s too cold I’ll head down to the Holiday Motor Inn to stay with FedEx and I’m guessing Guthook who rolled in a little while ago acording to the hostel maintainer. We’ll see about that tomorrow. I’m in good spirits none the less and ready for my next section into Daleville, then Waynesboro where I ABSOLUTELY NEED NEW SHOES. My current pair of Solomans are starting to fall apart with about 700 miles on them. Not as long a lifespan as I’d hoped, but for the comfort and no blisters in those 700 miles I’ll stick with them.

Time for bed.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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