Day 36 April 6 – Pine Swamp Branch Shelter – 37.42209, -80.60841 –

20ish miles today. After getting out of the hostel at about 8:30 I headed down towards the trail via FedEx at the Holiday Motor Lodge. I ended up hanging out with him as he packed up and made some phone calls while I waited. We had lunch at this AWESOME mexican restaraunt then hit the trail. We made awesome time, considering we only hit the trail at 1, and made it into the shelter around 8.
We had gotten about an inch of snow already as we hiked and were siked to see a fireplace in the shelter with a stock of dry wood. We had a great, warm time drying our shoes and socks in front of the warm fire while eating dinner. I’ve just thrown a couple of hand warmers in my sleeping bag because tonight is probably gonna be cold enough to need them. It’s getting late so I’me gonna put my stuff back together and hit the sack.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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