Day 37 April 7 – Troutville, VA – 37.38346, -79.90354 –

15 miles today. It was freezing this morning and there were a couple inches of snow outside. FedEx was all up and ready to get going so I drug myself out of bed to get moving and going. We got going about 8 and warmed up quick. After we climbed back up to the ridge, we found 6 inches of snow with up to 10 inch drifts. The snow really slowed us down so we weren’t going to get where we wanted to so we got of at a state road, 632, and tried to hitch into a little town called Maggie so we could get to 311 and then to New Castle. We ended up walking almost 7 miles on the road before getting picked up by a lady who volunteered her husband’s services to get us to New Castle as he had to drive through it on his way to work. We were only going to go to New Castle until they told us there weren’t any hotels there, so he drove us here to Troutville. We’re now at a Comfort Inn clean, full, and warm and FedEx has found a ride to Easter services. We’re going to take a zero tomorrow becaus! e it’s supposed to be the coldest day of this cold front. We’ll catch the wrmer weather coming in on Monday. We’re not quite sure how we’ll get back to where we left off but we’ll get there.

Until tomorrow,

Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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