Day 39 April 9 – Pickle Branch Shelter – 37.38029, -80.18459 –

20ish miles today. After a lovely continental breakfast we broke camp and left the hotel at about 8:30. It took about an hour to drive back to where we left off. The day warmed right up and was sunny and had a slight breeze.
The hiking was rather easy and quite scenic. We made good time and hit the shelter at about 7:00. We’re planning on doing at least 24 miles tomorrow into a shelter or, if we feel good, 34 miles back into Troutville. I favor the first as it brings us by the outfitter’s shop while it’s open so I can get a new pair of heavyweight Smartwool socks and to save the expense of another hotel stay.

I plan on going to Glasgow in 3 days for a resupply before the Tye River on the 16th where Mrs. Horvath is meeting me for a spell and a small resupply before a long 30 mile day into Waynesboro to meet my Uncle. I may make that a day and a half depending on time schedules, but into Waynesboro by the 18th.

I definitely need new shoes in Waynesboro. I’ll be lucky if my current pair holds up well until then. I also hope to take a day or two to get to know my uncle as well as rest up an let my feet heal up from the increasingly hard beatings they’re taking what with my soles worn down and all.

It’s time for this bonzo to get a early night so I can get up and out of here by 6 tomorrow.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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