Day 40 April 10 – Lamberts Meadow Shelter – 37.43460, -79.98764 –

23 miles today. Today felt a lot longer than it actually was. We got a late start at about 9 and took a while geting into stride. It took us until almost 1:00 to get moving at a good pace, hence it was almost 8:00 when we rolled into the shelter.
The morning’s hike was fine with good views from the Dragon’s Tooth. The highlight of the day was on McAfee Knob where we met a group of hikers in their 70s out on an overnight. They’d done the AT and finished in 1990, so in their late 50s, and all but one were hiking with most of the same gear from that trip. It was rather humbling and inspiring. I wish we’d gotten a photo of them. They sure took plenty of us, with our cameras.

We’re gonna get an early start tomorrow to get into Troutville by 10:00 for a resupply and head on by noon. Hopefully that will happen, it’s supposed to rain in the afternoon so we’re hoping to make it ten miles past Troutville in the afternoon before or after the rain.

I’m hitting the sack now, I’ll post tomorrow and see if I can upload some photos as well.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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