Day 41 April 11 – Troutville, VA – 37.38346, -79.90354 –

10ish miles. FedEx and I were up and out of the shelter by 6:15 this morning. We made great time and pulled off our 10 by 10:00 goal. We were at the outfitter for a while as FedEx was searching for interesting pieces of non-essential gear. I ended up buying a pair of Sole insoles that were on sale from $50 for $20, they ought to help with soreness in my new shoes.
All the while we were inside the porphesised rain began to fall. It only got harder as time wore on continuing incesantly. We began debating whether or not to go 5 miles to the first shelter or 10 miles to the second.

After hanging at the outfitter we hit the grocerey store next door. I think I went just a little overboard, but at least I won’t go hungry. I chose to try the pita lunch thing so I’m not surviving off of Little Debbie’s snacks for breakfast and lunch, that diet just can’t be good for me. I ended up with pita pockets, turkey pepperoni, and Cabot’s habanero white cheddar cheese. That should make lunch more interesting. I also picked up a dry three cheese tortellini to try for dinner, and some Propel drink mix for electrolytes.

Having finnished our errands of the day, and it being 2:00, we went for lunch; he to a BBQ place and me to Wendy’s for a cheep but satisfyingly full meal. It was after all this we decied to stay here in town and avoid the rain altogether, a rather good choice as it’s turned out. We will have to either do two 25 mile days instead of two 20s, or one 30 and a 20 to make up the mileage. Either option shouldn’t be two difficult as the terrain is nice and easy and it will be sunny, albeit windy, and warm tomorrow and a very light rain on friday.

Well I’m going to bed so I can get up and out early tomorrow.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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