Day 42 April 12 – Jennings Creek Campsite – 37.52895, -79.62218 –

27.1 miles today. FedEx and I had a great start today. We filled up at the continental breakfast and were on the road by 7. It was foggy until we got a couple hundred feet above the valley floor, then it cleared up completely. We made it the first 12 miles without a hitch, supposedly the hardest part of today. When we “flatened” out next to the Blue Ridge Parkway I kind of ran out of steam. I wasn’t able to push all that well but ah well.
Anyway, we stopped at Cold Mountain Shelter to make dinner, I had a fabulous three-cheese tortellini, then pushed on. We were hoping to make it 6.7 more miles to one of the biggest shelters on the trail, the Bryant Ridge Shelter, which has three levels and sleeps 20. We only made it 3.4 to Jennings Creek where there is an OK campsite, which is still a 27 mile day. We’ll make up the rest of Wednesday’s milege early tomorrow morning and hopefully catch Guthook at Bryant just finishing packing. Neither FedEx or I are happy about the heavy rain forcasted for Saturday as we have no choice but to hike 20 miles that day, plus stop in Glasgow for snacks. I’m double-bagging my backup clothes for that evening so I’ll definitley have dry camp clothing. Ah well, no use trying to predict a poor future, time for bed.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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