Day 43 April 13 – Matt’s Creek Shelter – 37.59954, -79.41318 –

27 miles today. Today was the perfect day. It was sunny, completely clear, 50ish degrees, and we caught Guthook.
FedEx and I hit the trail at 6:30 and made it to Bryant Ridge Shelter at about 8:15. The shelter was AMAZING. It had 3 floors, but was really weirdly shaped. No nails were used, apart from the shingling, just wooden pegs. It’s relatively new and in great shape. It could easily sleep way more than the 20 people stated in the description. Anyway, we found Guthook there along with at least 20 Boy Scouts and their leaders. I chatted it up with the scoutmaster while FedEx and Guthook got re-aquainted.

After 30 minutes we hit the trail with Guthook and powered up the 3000 foot climb to Apple Orchard Mountain. After that it was smooth, though long, sailing into the shelter here.

I ended up eating all my snack and lunch stuff today as well as burned out my fuel canister. That means I have no choice but to go into town tomorrow. Guthook and FedEx are gonna skip town and I’ll catch Guthook later at Brown Creek Shelter 20 miles later. FedEx is continuing past there to a highway that can get him into a town with a church, so we’ll see him later on Sunday. Unfortunately it’s supposed to rain all weekend.

I’ve figured out that I’ll blow past the Priest shelter on Sunday and go all the way to the Tye River. Then I’ll get a ride to the Dutch House
Hostel and relax until Monday morning and head back to the Tye to meet Mrs. Horvath at noon.

Time for bed.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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