Day 44 April 14 – Seeley/Woodworth Shelter – 37.81902, -79.15503 –

26 miles today. Today was a good, yet miserable, day. FedEx got me up and on the trail at 6:15. We hit the road to Glasgow at about 7 and I hitched a ride into town. The guy giving me the ride took me to Buena Vista (pronounced boona by locals) where he droped me off at a convenience store/Burger King. I ate breakfast there then began my resupply for breakfast and lunch today and breakfast tomorrow.
While I was shoping a guy asked me if I was doing the AT. When I said yes he offered a ride. He got me back to the trail and gave me $20 as well as some munchies. It was great. Unfortunateley it was pouring rain. When I hit US 60 I ran across a Boy Scout Troop getting picked up, so I stopped and chated with the scoutmaster for a while. I then headed on up the trail making great time just to stay warm. I passed another troop/crew about 4 miles before the shelter and chated with them.

I made it to the shelter about 6 and ate my cold dinner and hopped in my bag. FruitFly showed up out of the blue about 7 and now we’re chating about all sorts of stuff. We thought he was 4 days ahead of us, but he evidently took a few days off. It’s just me and FruitFly tonight. FedEx is in town for church and Guthook is a bout 12 miles back at Brown Mowntain Creek Shelter.

I’m getting out of here EARLY tomorrow so I can hit the Dutch Haus and dry out and get ready to hang out with Mrs. Horvath.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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