Day 49 April 21 – Manassas Gap Shelter – 38.93063, -78.03278 –

45ish miles today. Scott got me moving today early and with a great breakfast and a promise to meet me with sandwitches half way. Again, it was a great day for running and I had some spectacular scenery. I even saw the rump of a black bear.
I met Scott half way and chowed on turkey sandwitches and Coke, then took off again. Scott met me where the trail crosses US 522 and I grabed my pack. I thanked Scott and we parted. From there I hiked on into the dark. I had a good audiobook playing on my iPod so I was able to just maintain a steady, if somewhat slow pace.

It’s 10:15 right now and I can barely stay awake. I’m set up on the table outside Manassas so as not to wake the people already here, a full house. The stars a very bright so it’s a great night for cowboy camping.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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