Day 53 April 25 – Ironmaster Hostel – 40.03215, -77.30798 –

30ish miles today. Today was a funky day. It’s the first, and will be the only day, I yellow blazed. Yes I cut about 20 miles off by road to visit Gettysburg. For those purists to whom this is anethema, GET OVER IT. Gettysburg was cool, but I couldn’t get into the visitor center because of my backpack, they wouldn’t even let me leave it at the information desk. So I just walked the graveyard and battlefield, taking lots of photos, before heading back to the trail.
I hiked on to yet another hostel for the night. The caretaker here is a little on edge. Evidently she has had some huge groups come through and has another one tomorrow and is frustrated. I offered to help out but she turned me down. I’m now getting ready to sleep on a rather comfey cot. It feels good to be out of the drizzling rain. More of it tomorrow alas. I’ll make it to Boiling Springs and catch up with Woodstock and Co. at least.

more tomorrow.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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