Day 56 April 28 – Peter’s Mountain Shelter – 40.42579, -76.87927 –

12miles today. Got a late start this morning. We left the Doyle at noon and made great time. We made it to the shelter at 4:30ish. Woodstock is actually a good hiking partner. He goes at about my pace and is constant, so that will help me not take so many sit breaks.
We’ve been joined at this excelent shelter by two guys and their sons. Avalanche has also joined us. It’s quite a jolly crew.

Due to the layout of shelters tomorrow we’ll end up doing either 18, 25 (and camp if it doesn’t rain), or 31 miles. Luck for us the terrain isn’t that harsh. We are being told to prepare for a much rockier trail, but haven’t been impressed all that much yet.

We’ll see what hapens tomorrow.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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