Day 58 April 30 – Port Clinton, PA – 40.58699, -76.02629 –

28 miles today. Today was another LONG day. While it was much flatter than yesterday, it was by far rockier. I think I prefer the PUDs to the rocks. We made good time nontheless and were in town by 6. The candy shop here is AMAZING. They have every candy known to man, not to mention concoctions of their own. We RAIDED the place.

We’re staying in the town gazeebo and it’s awesome. A Taj Mahal of the trail. There are actual couches and chairs and not to mention a coke machine and real privy. I have to get a ride into the next town tomorrow to resupply because Port Clinton doesn’t have any place to by groceries. At least we’re only going 15 miles tomorrow.

Ooh, dinner is ready. I have to down this monster pot ‘o food and go to bed.

Mrs. Goodman, if you’re reasing this, tell Kyle Bennet to check out the page and especially the photo gallery. It was his idea originally that I should hike in a kilt. Thanks Kyle.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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