Day 59 May 1 – Eckville Shelter – 40.63388, -75.95776 –

15 miles today. Today was VERY easy. I got up with Woodstock and we got breakfast at a great little diner. Then I got the Cabelas Shuttle into Hamburg to pick up some supplies. I finally hit the trail at 10:45.
I made it here at about 4:30 and have decided to stay as it is a really nice place and there is some cool company. It seems Woodstock has moved on. I’ll most likely see him in Lehigh Gap tomorrow. He has it in his head to hit Deleware Water Gap by Thursday evening, that means doing a 36 from Lehigh to the Gap, ugh. Not for me. I’ll do a 20 or 25 then catch him the next morning or not. We’ll see.

I just did some math. If I maintain at least 20 miles a day from here on out I should be in the Hanover vicinity about Friday the 25th of May, maybe the 20th at the earliest depending on terrain. I’m seriously glad to be almost completely through with Pennsylvania.

I hope my sister will be able to start visiting me on the weekends. I could use the company and support.

time for food, friends, and a game or two.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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