Day 7 Feb 26 – Franklin, NC – 35.18234, -83.377 –

15 miles today. We got on the trail at abou 7:45, El-Train and I, and hiked the 15 miles to Wallace Gap by 1:30. El-Train called the shuttle in Franklin and he picked us up. Turns out he owns two of the motels in town and by staying in one the ride was free, as was a return trip in themorning and shuttling around town. Ron was his name and he was really informative. He also has a thru-hiker (5 consecutive hikes so far) named Crutch who helps him do the shuttling during the busy month of March and early April before he hits the trail himself.

El-Train and I stayed at Ron’s Budget Inn for $35. The laundromat was right behind it, as was an all-you-can-eat steak buffet for $7.50. We ate at Hardees for lunch, LOTS OF CALORIES, and then headed back to the Inn and cleaned up. Toesocks 1 & 2 showed up about 4 and we made plans to have dinner at about 6:30 and do our laundry at the same time. The laundromat and buffet are across the parking lot from each other so it worked out well. By the time we finished eating, our laundry was ready to be dried. We finished that and headed to the hotel to drop of the clean clothes then went to the grocery store and resupplied.

It turns out Toesocks 1 fell on her knee and twinged it a little bit so they’re gonna stay in town another day to play it safe and just slack pack the 3.5 mile section they missed today.

Tommorrow we’ll eat a good breakfast then hit the trail. I feel so much better, and cleaner, for the day in town.

Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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