Day 8 Feb 27 – Cold Spring Shelter – 35.23119, -83.5608 –

19 miles today. I got a “late” start today. Crutches took us to breakfast at 7 to a little hole-in-the-wall diner. The food was pretty darn good. After that we all headed back to the hotel and I finished packing and made my call home to check in. El-Train decided to take another day in town to rest his shin splints, so I was the only one actually headed out to hit the trail. Crutch dropped me off at about 9ish and I headed off.
The day was gorgeous. I don’t know what the temperature actually was, but I think it was in the upper 50s. The sky was completely clear of clouds and there was a little wind. I made excelent mileage and made it to Cold Spring at exactly 4. The ladies had decided to hike the additional .7 miles to the ridge to set up their tarp to see how it works, so I haven’t seen them. Salamander was still at the shelter, and with two hikers I hadn’t met yet, Otto and Backyard. Both of them are quite interesting. Otto is a repeat thru-hiker so he’s an old hand at it.

Otto and Salamander took off to join the ladies on the ridge and for the sunset. At least they have tents. The wind has picked up, so I think the ladies will end up back down here because they don’t have any wind protection. I stayed down at the shelter area with Backyard who is also a hammock hiker, SO COOL. So we’re in our hammocks now, the shelter wasn’t all that inviting.

It’s getting cold so I’ll have that be all for tonight.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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