Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So it finally happened. I couldn’t avoid it. I lost my long hair today, much to the maniacal delight of the women in my family. Mom, sister, grandmother, and prime cheerleader alike all made it clear I was losing my long hair. The fact that it’s better for thru-hiking just added to their ammunition. Finally our “Aunt” Mickey, the prime cheerleader, gave us money for the haircut and then paid Ana to make sure it happened. So much for my 10 year experiment with long hair.

Ah well. When life gives you lemons right? Anyway, Perdita and I have been at our dad’s folks for the past couple of days putting together the dropboxes for the trip. I thought I’d given the practice of regular dropboxes after the CDT but it’s seeming to make some sense with the two of us.

We picked up a bunch of drink mixes, snack foods, and meal stuff on the way in from Sioux Falls and are now on our way back from a supply run to the Redwood Falls Walmart, and of course the haircut.