Day 15 March 6 – Gatlinburg TN – Grand Prix Motel – 35.70718, -83.52501 –

10 miles today. We hauled out of Double Spring at 8:45 this morning after Hawk caught up with us. Getting up to Clingman’s Dome was a nice and easy trip and the views from on top were superb, which Hawk says is unusual due to the “smoke” effect. We’ve been very lucky.
The descent from thre dome was the interesting part of the day. We had a straight quarter mile of ice for trail so we were sliping and sliding all over the place. We ended up on our butts more often then not. Check out the pictures, it was really cool. After that thwe trail was ok with patches of ice everywhere and lots of HUGE deadfall. All in all a very interesting trip into Newfpund Gap and US 441 to Gatlinburg where Alleycat’s grandpa was waiting with a feast of good stuff and Omaha steaks for us tonight. We FEASTED. He was such a cool guy.

After he left we hitched into Gatlinburg and are now in the hotel having showered and are doing laundry. We aren’t quite sure what we’re gonna do tonight but we’ll figure it out. I feel 10 pounds lighter after that shower. SO nice.

Well that’s bout it.

Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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