Day 26 March 27 – Kincora Hostel –

8.7 miles today. A very easy day today. Everybody but FedEx and Zero slack packed Pond Flats, the only monstrosity between us and Damascus. This way we have an easy small climb and a plateau all the way into Damascus.
When we got back, Cough Drop, Jen, and I went to Johnson City for the outfitters. Cough Drop went to pick up his car, Jen for trail runners, and me for a headlamp. I had them hold a lighter pack for me in case the outfitter in Damascus doesn’t have one.

After the outfitter we went to a grocery store to pick up hamburger fixings for 12 hungry thru-hikers, along with fixings for strawberry shortcake and a eggs, bacon, and sausage breakfast.

When we got back Alleycat, Hawk, Bubba Williams, and Pilgrim had shown up, so it was a full house. Dinner was roudy but fun. I took an early evening. Now I’m preping for bed and an “early” start.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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