Day 33 April 3 – Jenkins Shelter- 37.09343, -81.24753 –

19ish miles today. We took a late morning today, getting out at about 8:15. The start was fine, an easy downhill and then one 500ft climb and descent to a 2 mile flat section. Then came “the climb”, a 1800 foot climb in about 3 miles with the first 750 in the first 3/4 mile. That was a long haul, but the shelter at the top payed off. We took lunch there then headed on. The 10 miles along the ridge and down to this shelter were more arduous than I expected. They took about an hour longer to do than I expected, but ah well.
After a good dinner and some company with two guys out from Louisiana I’m gettin an early night. We plan on getting out of here at about 4 tomorrow morning so we can do a 24-35 mile day with a hitch into Blanch for more snacks. The Atkins “resupply” turned out to be way inadiquite.

I’m hitting the sack now. I’ll do updates tomorrow.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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