Day 6 Feb 25 – Carter Gap Shelter – 34.99896, -83.494 –

It started raining last night at about 1 and hasn’t stopped since. It’s like the cats and dogs decided to start falling and the whole zoo elected to come with them.
We waited until 10:30 and headed on to Carter Gap Shelter as the rain let up. Alleycat and I made it at 2:45 and found Toesocks 1 & 2 as well as Hawk here already. Juniper and Salamander showed up with L-Train, the guy who I camped with the first night. We’ve been hanging out for a while and learning about each other.

L-Train and I are heading into Franklin tommorow, a 17 mile hike to the hitch site. I am so ready for it. That shower is just sounding mighty fine, plus I am running seriously low on food. Things are great.

Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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