Day 61 May 3 – Deleware Water Gap, PA – 40.98831, -75.14500 –

31 miles today. I hit the trail really early today. The terrain was as crappy as ever in PA, the worst rocks yet. I was able to “cruse” over most of today with my pack almost empty of food. Water was a problem though. It’s dry as Death Valley up on that ridge. Despite all that, I made it into town just before 4 and was able to pick up my mail drop.
Thanks for the cookies.

I’m sending a bunch of dead weight home, maybe 3 or 4 pounds I hope. The gap is pretty cool, despite its lack of a good resupply.

I should be able to truly resupply in two days. I should be at the Bear Mountain Bridge no later than 10 on Tuesday. That should be nice. I’m gonna be splitting up with Woodstock now that we’ve caught Groovasaurus and his dog Hugo. I’m hoping my friend Chris will be able to spend some trail time with me when he comes out for tracker school. We’ll see.

That’s all for now.


Seth “Osprey” Schumacher

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